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Liver Transplant

Why Liver Transplant is needed?

When the liver discontinue to function normally because of the acute failure of the organs that is caused by the infection or complication aroused out of large intake of medicines or due to chronic problems, the transplant is necessary at this point. The following are the conditions were the liver transplant is required at the earliest,

Evaluation of Candidate for Liver Transplant:

Before the surgery, both the patient and the donor has to be evaluated by the group of medical experts, the panel includes

Types of liver transplants

What are the Types of Liver transplants ?

Living donor transplantation and Deceased/ cadaver donor transplantation are the two major types of transplant.

Living Donor Transplantation:

This is opted for patients who are in end stage liver failure. A part of the liver is excised from the healthy donor and then implanted into the patient. The liver will start to grow up in both the patient and the donor’s body within few weeks to few months. The donor may be either relative or partner or friend. The donor would undergo extensive examination before the surgery and he should be hale and healthy to fit to the transplant.

Deceased/ Cadaver Transplantation:

In this type, the donor is a sufferer of the road accident who had head injury. Those who are brain dead, the person’s heart and other vital organs function but the brain has stopped its functioning and he/she will be in unconsciousness. The person will be declared legally as dead because his/her brain has been damaged permanently and will not resume to it normal state.

Auxiliary / Secondary Transplantation:

In this procedure the diseased liver will remain inside the body until the transplanted part of the donor regenerates and starts functioning. After that the affected liver will be excised. This type of surgery is not widely used.

Liver Transplant Surgery Cost Estimate at World class Hospitals in India is US $50,000 - $60,000 approx.
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