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Liver Transplantation Surgery

The liver is considered as the second largest organ in our body next to the skin which is larger one among all the organs. The liver is situated in the abdominal cavity below the diaphragm and is triangular shaped. For a person who is about 60 – 70kg in body weight, the liver weighs approximately 1.3 kg and constitutes 2% body weight. The mass of the liver is positioned on the right side of the body and it extends towards the right side of the kidney. The liver is characterized as very tender, made up of pinkish brown tissues that are covered by the connective tissue. The layer is again protected by the peritoneum of the abdominal cavity were the liver is kept in place securely. It has almost 10% of the blood of the whole body and pumps about nearly 1.4liters of blood per minute.

The word ‘liver’ is obtained from the Greek language were the meaning is ‘Hepar’. Hence ‘Hepatic’ or ‘Hepato’ is commonly used in liver related terms. The Greek people believed as the seat of passion. They did experimentation with oxen and goats, the liver of them is examined to find out whether they will thrive or fail in military operations. They sense that the liver is the organ that is hooked with spirituality.

The liver carry out more than 500 activities that is necessary for human body such as assimilation, chemical activities within a cell (metabolism), building up resistance and storing the nutrients inside the body. It is very essential for the cells to have energy and required nutrients otherwise it will die. The liver is generally divided into two sections, the right and left lobe. The gall bladder, pancreas and intestines are situated below it. These organs co-ordinate and work to break down, take up and process the food particles.

The foremost and important function of the liver is to filter the blood that comes from the digestive area before it pumps out to the rest of the body parts. It also aids in detoxification of chemicals and metabolize drugs. It also secretes bile which contains enzymes that helps in digestion process.

The liver has unique character of regenerating as fast as a tumor to gain to its original size and function. When a part of liver is transplanted to other person, the liver of both the donor and recipient has the capacity to re-grow and this is the basic concept of Liver transplantation.

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Liver is supported by ligaments; triangular and coronary ligament on either side and falciform ligament in the centre. Liver produces bile which is drained by biliary tree. Gall bladder is a reservoir for the bile lies on the liver bed, and is attached to bile duct. It regulates delivery of bile into intestines.

Liver is endowed with remarkable capacity to regenerate after division into parts. This is the basis of Live Related Liver Transplants, and the reason why live related liver transplant is possible.


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